Immerse yourself in the delicate blend of historical charm and modern sophistication at Square William, a testament to the French Art de Vivre in the heart of Old Montreal.

Here, your residence transcends ordinary boundaries, evolving into a dynamic testament of your life's journey, enriched by local collaborations and bespoke property events that add a touch of allure.

As you find yourself nestled close to iconic landmarks like the McCord Stewart Museum of Canadian History, the rejuvenating BOTA BOTA spa, the Montreal Museum of Fine Art, and the awe-inspiring Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal, you're also just a sun-soaked stroll away from the Clock tower beach, the diverse activities of Parc-Jean-Drapeau, the thrilling Montreal Casino, the adrenaline-charged Formula 1 race track, and the bustling Bonaventure train station. To cap it all, the Bell center, a hub for hockey, concerts, and more, is merely footsteps away, making Square William the perfect confluence of tradition and contemporary elegance.


At Square William, a world of gastronomic delights is literally at your doorstep. Be part of a community that house Pizzeria Moretti and indulge in the flavorful bursts of Tejano BBQ Burrito—a crowd favorite.

Kickstart your day with the delicate taste of a brioche paired with rich coffee from Italy's renowned cafes. As the sun sets, immerse yourself in an exquisite dinner at some of the area's finest gourmet establishments. Here, every meal becomes an exploration, a journey of flavors that defines the essence of living in a culinary hub.


Immerse yourself in the vibrant heartbeat of Montreal, a city celebrated for its rich cultural mosaic. Its legacy stretches from timeless jazz and rock rhythms to avant-garde visual arts, theater, music, and dance, etching a unique cultural signature on the global stage.

Revel in the city's myriad of street fairs and pulsating music festivals, explore the endless corridors of the Underground City for a shopping spree, engage with cutting-edge artistry at the Phi Centre, and wander the cobblestone pathways of Old Montreal, where history whispers in every nook and corner. In Montreal, every day is a new cultural odyssey waiting to unfold.